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Raised on a cattle station in northern Australia, Belinda has in so many ways been shaped by the landscape of her childhood, giving her an earthy appeal apparent in her performances and her ability to connect with her audience.  “The isolation and vastness of the landscape was inspiring.  As a child, if I wasn’t up to mischief, I would be making up songs.  We had to make our own fun as a family and music formed a large part of that.  We never really missed not having a TV or the other outside influences most people take for granted,” Butler recalls.  Refreshing, authentic and with an honesty reflecting her native Australia, Butler’s songs are shaped by a seriously good voice that alternately shimmers and powers to the heart of things.


Belinda has performed at showcases and festivals both in Australia and North America.  Her first self-titled EP was recorded over a 1 month period in the picturesque Blue Mountains at Roger Corbett’s (The Bushwackers) ‘The Valley’ studio outside of Sydney.  The track Neverland was produced by renowned musicians, fiddle player Mike Kerin and keyboard player Garry Steel at his studio, overlooking bushland, north of Sydney.  Butler says, "It was fantastic to record in places surrounded by a stunning landscape.  As a singer/songwriter, it's great to have the peace and space to express your heart."


Tracks from the EP garnered national airplay and TV exposure, including winning the ABC’s ‘Fresh Air Initiative’ with the song Microwave Oven which along with Neverland and You Know I’m There have been featured on ABC Radio National’s ‘The Daily Planet’, a well respected, eclectic, international music program.  Belinda has been invited into the studio by several artists to sing on their albums and has had songs she has written/co-written recorded by other musicians including award winning Australian singer Anne Kirkpatrick and renowned Australian fiddle player, Mike Kerin.  The song, Woman Inside The Girl (a duet with Jane Saunders) was chosen for Opening Notes, a booklet and cd compilation, which is given out as a gift to new mothers in northern Australia.  Butler describes it as a mother-daughter song.  “It’s about a mother releasing her daughter to spread her wings despite their different life choices, and of the daughter’s hopes and dreams as she sets off on her way, and their connectedness during this journey of discovery.”


Belinda is currently based in the U.S. and is excited about the prospect of her upcoming recording of new material.





Belinda Butler


Belinda Butler

     Singer Songwriter.